King's Digital Lab

King's Digital Lab (KDL) is the Research Software Engineering hub of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at King's College London, UK. Its team of digital researchers and data experts collaborates with researchers in many fields to create digital tools to explore academic research in new ways. KDL provides support, guidance, and technical solutions tailored to specific project goals.

With high expertise in Research Software Engineering (RSE) designed for the higher education and GLAM sectors, KDL team implements the systems, infrastructure, tools, and processes needed to produce high quality digital scholarly outputs. It develops research solutions iteratively, using a range of tools and processes that can handle the most common challenges of digital research in the humanities and social sciences. KDL work ranges from the development of historical databases and digital archives, digital scholarly editions, map-based tools, data and text analysis, visualization, and eBooks. 

KDL has 18 permanent and contract staff, ranging from analysts to developers, designers, systems managers, project manager, and director.